Known Problems

The LaTeX changes package
Ekkart Kleinod  • 

On this page I collect the most common problems and according solutions. If your issue is not listed here, please check the issue tracker on gitlab to see if the issue is mentioned there (there is a search):

If all this leads nowhere, please open a new issue for the problem, describe the problem in detail and, if possible, provide a small example file with the problematic behavior.

Problematic content

Change markup of texts works well, it is possible to markup whole paragraphs. You cannot markup:

  • figures
  • tables
  • headings
  • some commands
  • multiple paragraphs (sometimes)

You can try putting such text in an extra file and include in with \texttt{input}. This works sometimes, give it a try.

Footnotes and margin notes

There is a problem of typesetting footnotes or margin notes in special environments, such as tables or the tabbing environment. Avoid this type of markup when using these environments.

The ulem package

I am using the \docpackage{ulem} package for striking out text as default. This causes problems with some commands and environments, e.g.

  • in math mode
  • when using the siunitx package
  • when using the \citet or \citep commands

In that case there are few good options, the best is to define the markup for deletions yourself and avoid the ulem package. Examples:

\setdeletedmarkup{---: #1}

Or you can directly change the markup to bfit when loading the package:


command already defined

Some packages use the same names for their commands as the changes package, in particular \comment and \highlight are not originally named commands.

In this case, changes may prefix its commands to avoid naming collisions. This is controlled by the commandnameprefix option.

In order for this to work, the changes package has to be loaded after the other packages or commandnameprefix=always must be selected.




    \chcomment{changes comment}

    \added{changes addition}